What Does The Experience Section on Your Resume Say?

What Does The Experience Section on Your Resume Say?

The Work Experience or Professional Experience section of your resume is probably the most difficult section to get right. Many people only list the tasks they were supposed to perform at a previous job. Once upon a time, before I became a professional resume writer and career coach, I only listed the tasks I was supposed to perform. That simply isn’t good enough. Today’s job market is very competitive. You must make yourself stand out.

For example, if you are a telemarketer who is required to make outbound calls to potential customers, you might find “Responsible for making outbound calls to potential customers in order to procure higher sales stats” on your resume. It’s great that you understand your responsibilities; however, just because you’re responsible for making those calls doesn’t mean you did it or were even good at it. Instead of listing that responsibility, write this, “Made 50 outbound calls per day to perspective customers and increased revenue 10% in one month.”

Obviously you were responsible for making outbound calls or you wouldn’t have been doing it. So, not only have you now told a hiring manager what one of your responsibilities was, you told them how you did it and what the outcome of performing the task did for the company.

With everything you write on your resume, keep this thought in mind, “Does this demonstrate how I can help a company?”

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