The One Page Resume Myth

The One Page Resume Myth

To Use 2 Pages or Not … That is the Question!

Let’s talk about the 1-page resume MYTH. Ok, maybe “myth” isn’t the exact right word because the 1-page resume use to be a thing. It just isn’t anymore. How do you know whether to make the leap to 2 pages or keep it at 1?


Do you have 10 or more years’ experience? Use that 2nd page…you’ve earned it. 

Are you a college grad or have less than 10 years experience? Keep it on one page.

If you have 3 or more pages, you have some editing to do. Remember, your resume isn’t a collection of life’s events. It’s a targeted marketing document. And, anything that doesn’t make the cut to the resume could make great talking points at the interview.

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