Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

Do you send a thank you note to an interviewer when you’re finished with the interview? You should!

You may feel like you’re wasting the interviewer’s time. You may feel like there’s already been enough said about your qualifications.

Suppose the interviewer has spoken to 15 candidates. What did you do or say that made you stand out from the crowd? Do they remember you specifically?

While you are technically thanking them for their time, a thank you note is actually just reminding them of who you were.

Don’t fear the note. Write it. SEND IT!

In fact, I would tell you to have it written before the interview and drop it into your Drafts folder if you’re emailing it or drop it in on their assistant’s desk right after the interview.

If you could put yourself back in front of the interviewer one more time, wouldn’t you? The thank you note will do that for you.