10 Years’ Experience

“But you left (*NAME OF COMPANY*) off of my resume! I hear this A LOT! A good resume has 10 years’ experience represented (15, at the most!). On the whole, hiring managers will STOP READING once they get to listings that go further back than 10 years. Why do they do this? Think about your…

Resume Writing Workshop

I’ve converted the PowerPoint presentation from the Resume Writing Workshop at my local library to a video. There is no audio as it was a simple presentation but, as you go through the “show” please feel free to email me any questions you have.

What Does The Experience Section on Your Resume Say?

The Work Experience or Professional Experience section of your resume is probably the most difficult section to get right. Many people only list the tasks they were supposed to perform at a previous job. Once upon a time, before I became a professional resume writer and career coach, I only listed the tasks I was…


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