Should You Search For A Job During COVID-19?

should you apply for jobs during covid-19 ... yes

Unemployment has reached numbers that have been unheard of for almost 100 years. It did reach 10% in the early 1980’s but we’re at about 18% now. The numbers we’re seeing now rival those of the Great Depression. Higher unemployment does make searching for a job during COVID-19 more difficult.

Unemployment Timeline

Don’t stop your job search

Companies are STILL hiring

While it is true that there have been massive layoffs, there are still companies hiring. As you can imagine, the healthcare industry is searching for help but so are the online learning, shipping and delivery, and tech industries. You may have to think outside your normal career box if you’re needing employment.

The job search process is a little longer than normal

In addition to employing some creativity in your job search, you’re going to have to pack your patience. Things are simply taking longer during this time.  Before we hit this pandemic, it could take about 6 weeks to get a job offer once the application was submitted. Expect for it to take a bit more time now. Companies are running skeleton crews or have sent people home to work remotely. Limited staff equals fewer people to go through resumes.

Don’t spend all your time applying for jobs

If you trap yourself behind the computer screen trying to fill out as many applications as possible, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity. Now is the perfect time to network.

What is a LAN? Local Area Network - Cisco

How to network during COVID-19

We bet the first thing that popped in your head was, “How do I network and practice social distancing at the same time?” Our answer is, “There’s an app for that.” Of course, everyone is spending more time on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram but there are other apps, too. For example, one that we use at Always Typing is called MeetUp. The really great thing is that many of the groups you can join are hosting virtual group events. You’re already sitting at your computer … join up and be seen.

Make sure your resume is ready

Let us review your resume for free to ensure that you’re ready to give it to those you meet while you’re networking.