After years and years of writing resumes and the knowledge that I’ve acquired from researching hiring trends, I’ve put together an eBook. It’s available on Amazon.

This is a beginner’s guide to building a resume, searching for a job, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and answering interview questions. 

A resume is arguably one of the most important financial documents you’ll ever own. Without it, you cannot plan a future, pay for your home, go on vacation, buy that sporty car, or take care of a family. The majority of my adult life has been centered around writing resumes and researching the how to’s of how to acquire that ‘just right job.’ During the last year (probably a little less), I’ve worked on putting together this e-book to help people get the job of their dreams. In this book, you’ll find information about:

* Resumes
* Resume Content
* Applicant Tracking Systems
* Cover Letters
* Thank You Notes
* Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles
* How to Network
* The Importance of Social Media
* Sample Answers to Interview Questions

You read that last bullet right! I put some Sample Answers to Interview Questions in the book. For example, “Tell me about yourself” and “Why did you leave your last job?” and “What salary range do you seek?” There are a total of 6 sample answers to interview questions.

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