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Sell Yourself, Don’t Sell The Job Description of Your Previous Jobs

Email conversation with client –

Dear Always Typing,

I spoke with you early to inquire if my resume can be reinvented in order for me to start receiving interviews within my career path: I am currently a student majoring in human resource management and I would love to receive a paid internship or a human resource assistant job. Thank you!

Dear HR Internship Seeker,

The first place to start on fixing your resume would be to completely nix the “Objective.” The idea is that you have 7 seconds to get the attention of the person reading the resume so you don’t want to waste that valuable time telling them what you’re looking for…they already have an idea about what you’re looking for simply because of the job to which you applied.

Start off with a title and professional summary. Something along the lines of Human Resources Intern (on one line) and then a paragraph about you beginning just under the title in paragraph form. This paragraph basically answers the “tell me about yourself” interview question.

On your experience section, try to focus less on what you were required to do as a part of your past jobs and more on what you actually did. What accomplishments did you have at each position? Do a short blurb (a sentence or two MAX) about your required job duties and then bullet your accomplishments below that blurb.

Also, remove your HS education info. You’re completing higher ed courses. It is understood that you have a HS education. Remove your references, too. You would give those to your employer separately after they request them. You don’t have to put anything about references on your resume. Employers expect that job seekers will have references and they’ll ask for them if they want them.

Marsha @ Always Typing