The key to a successful job search is in the use of appropriate and relevant keywords, an appealing layout using one of the 3 accepted resume formats (chronological, functional, or hybrid), and clearly defined sections that demonstrate you’re the best candidate for an open position. Sometimes, that even means omitting items that aren’t relevant to your target career. 

Check out these before and after resumes to see how Always Typing highlights things like career progression, skills, and achievements. Names and details have been redacted to protect client privacy.

Entry Level Resume Sample

  • Entry Level Before Page 1
  • Entry Level Sample - 1 Page

Chronological Resume Sample

  • Chronological Before Page 1
  • Chronological Sample Page 1

Federal Resume Sample

  • Federal Resume Before Page 1
  • Federal Resume Sample Page 1

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Sample

  • CV Before Page 1
  • CV Sample Page 1

Executive Resume Sample

  • Executive Resume Before Page 1
  • Executive Resume Sample Page 1

All of the new resumes are …

Optimized to pass an ATS that 90% of employers use
Visually appealing to impress hiring managers