Actress Sample Resume – Most actresses need to have a head shot on their resume, so it was important to create a layout for her that accommodated that need. Keep in mind that actors/actresses are not the only people who may need a head shot on their resume.


Senior Administrative Assistant Sample Resume – This person worked in an inbound call center as a salesperson. Her income was hourly plus salary and, quite simply, she didn’t want to worry about commissions any longer. She decided to use the knowledge she garnered from working in that office environment to move on to a job that was a little simpler and (hopefully) less stressful. Just because you’ve worked sales for a number of years (or any other job, for that matter) doesn’t mean your resume has to reflect that in a way that propels you towards another sales position. Your resume is a sales tool. You use it to sell whatever part of your skill set you deem necessary for the next position you’ll acquire.


High School Student Sample Resume – This gentleman was a high school graduate. As you know, HS graduates generally don’t have a lot of experience. We discussed volunteer activities and what his interests were and crafted his resume to match the skills he learned from those activities. His interest, at the time of this resume being created, was to begin a career with a major sporting goods franchise while working towards a career as a Game Warden.