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Job Listings on LinkedIn in 2022
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People Received Interviews from Linked. Of those, 35.5 million were offered jobs
linkedin profile optimization

Complement your resume with LinkedIn

When recruiters and hiring managers search for job seekers on LinkedIn, they get search results with hundreds of profiles.

How do you make yours stand out?!

You start by having a fully optimized, keyword-rich, and personalized profile. For example, don’t be content with a headline that reads, “Project Manager at ABC Company.” Every other headline says something similar. Give them a reason to stop at yours

The process is easy:
1. Submit Payment 2. Answer Intake Questions 3. Collaborate with Writer 4. Get First Draft 5. Revise First Draft Until You're Happy 6. Apply for Jobs 7. Land More Interviews!

Tell your career story in your own voice

The beauty of an optimized LinkedIn profile is that, yes, it has the right keywords. However, it is not written in the same stuffy language as your resume. You will work with your writer to craft a LinkedIn profile that tells your career story in a conversational tone that appeals to hiring managers and recruiters.