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Just Say No

I frequently tell people to remember one very important tenet…not only is the company to which you applied interviewing potential job candidates, you should be interviewing the company, too.

Many job seekers get into the rut of being desperate to find a job. On the other hand, companies are desperate to find decent employees. There are several key characteristics of a bad company. The one that stands out to me, and that seems to be making a come back, is companies with a progressive discipline policy. Meaning if you do a thing, your first occurrence is a written warning, your second occurrence is a conversation with HR, etc. No self respecting adult who has any type of ambition needs to be treated like a kindergartner. The really bad thing about these progressive discipline policies is that if you do end up with a warning for a thing, that warning follows you for 6 months up to a year and can impact whether you get raises or even whether you qualify for advancement.

Unfortunately, I have personal experience with a company who had a progressive discipline policy. I was employed at this nameless company (who supports one of the largest technology companies) for 6 months. I came down with bronchitis. Called off the job for 2 days for that illness after prefect attendance for 6 months. I received a warning that was going to stay in my file for a year.

What am I saying to you? Just say NO to companies with progressive discipline policies.