How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Resume

use linkedin to get a pdf of your resume

Not only is LinkedIn one of the best places to put your best career searching foot forward, if you keep it up-to-date you can have a ready made resume within a few clicks. Follow me on this journey and learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume.

CAUTION: Only use these features once you have your LinkedIn profile optimized. There are some faults with the system, which you’ll see as we talk about each option. However, if you need a quick resume getting one from LinkedIn is a good alternative.

One more thing to note – these processes can only be done on a computer. LinkedIn hasn’t made these features available for mobile devices, yet.

LinkedIn offers 2 ways to create a resume from your profile

  1. You can save what’s on your profile as a PDF on your computer.
  2. You can build a resume based off the information in your profile.

1. Save your current profile as a PDF

Start by clicking “MORE” just beneath your cover photo. A small menu will pop up and the second option will be “Save to PDF.” That is it. You’ll see a box that says your download is being prepared. The next thing you know you have a resume in the download folder on your computer. Since it is a PDF, you won’t be able to make changes and there will probably be some funky spacing and characters. For example, you’ll notice in the section of this one between the end of the summary and the beginning of the experience there’s something quite strange going on.

2. Build a resume based on the information contained in your profile

Opting to “Build a resume” is a better option. You’ll be taken to a page that allows you to edit the sections of your profile. The great thing about editing those sections during the “Build a resume” process is that the changes you make do not affect your profile. It still isn’t perfect and should not be used to apply to your dream job, though. You’ll notice, we still have those same funky characters between the summary and experience sections.

These resumes are not ATS-friendly

While it is unsettling to see strange characters in the middle of your document, that’s not the biggest problem. The major problem with the documents you get from saving a PDF from LinkedIn is that they’re not ATS-friendly. Your resume is a targeted marketing document that is meant to be geared towards a specific job. Downloading a PDF doesn’t allow you to tailor your resume to each job description.

What’s good is it if it doesn’t save properly?

There are a couple of things for which you can use these ready made resumes.

  1. They’re great to send to a resume writer so that they have all the pertinent information about your career.
  2. If you’re a visual person who likes to write things down, the PDFs are great for printing and writing corrections.

Of course, in today’s digital world, it doesn’t take a lot to convert a PDF to a Word document. Every resume writer on the planet will tell you that it’s best to use a Word document when applying to positions. ATS scans can’t always parse information from PDFs properly. Once you convert the PDF to Word (or Google Docs or whatever other word processing platform you use), then you can edit it to your heart’s content.

Good luck with your job search!