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Your dream job starts with a resume. Your resume has to make it past the ATS scans that over 90% of employers use. Don’t be part of the 75% that are rejected by the bots.

  • Within 24 business hours, you’ll receive a free review of your resume.
  • We’ll work together to customize a targeted resume that will get past ATS scans and impress hiring managers.
  • Our work is guaranteed or we’ll rewrite it for free.

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Here’s what you can expect when you upload your resume

Marsha will personally review your resume to determine what it needs to pass an ATS scan. Your resume will be scored on a number of factors:

  1. Keywords – Are the keywords in your resume targeted to a specific career path, job role, or industry? General resumes just don’t cut it anymore.
  2. Format – Everything from margins and font sizes to the use of images and tables is advised against.
  3. Achievements – Is the resume more task-based or achievement-based?

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