What You Should Expect When Working With Us

We know that hiring a resume writer is a very tricky and even unsettling event.

We thought we’d take a minute to try to answer some of your questions.

QUESTION 1: What will we need from you?

The simplest answer to that question is: a copy of your resume and at least 1 or 2 job links in which you’re interested. It is supremely helpful for us to look at job links in order to suss out relevant keywords to help you get your resume past ATS scans. Once you place your order, you will be redirected to a form you can fill out that will help us know what your background is and give you a place to provide job links.

QUESTION 2: What is an ATS scan?

ATS is an acronym for Applicant Tracking System. It is safe to say that at least 90% of the jobs to which you apply will run your resume through a scanner first. These scanners are actually just a series of algorithms that are looking for specific keywords. If your resume doesn’t have the right keywords, if the header is in the wrong format, if the ATS can’t find your work history, or read your format … REJECTED. In fact, roughly 75% of resumes are sent to the reject pile and never see the hands of a hiring manager or even a member of the HR staff.

QUESTION 3: If I’m paying for you to write, why do you need me to tell you what to write?

We get this question a lot. Keep in mind that resume writer does not equal mind reader. It is our job to take the work history and accomplishments you provide to us and craft a document (and/or LinkedIn profile) that is aligned with industry standards, will get you past the ATS scans, and will deliver your message so that you get an interview. Remember, the sole purpose of a resume is to get an interview. Anything that gets left off your resume will make great talking points when you’re face-to-face with a hiring manager.

QUESTION 4: Do I really need a resume writer?

Honestly, you may not. Try the resume scanner on our home page to see how your resume does against an ATS scan. If it passes, then you may not need us. However, keep in mind, we also can help prepare you for an interview and optimize your LinkedIn Profile. 

QUESTION 5: How many revisions do I get?

While your job is still in an open status, you get unlimited revisions. We’ll write it until you like it. If you order the service that includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, you’ll get free revisions for 3 months. NOTE: The free revisions for 3 months is NOT a new resume. If you need to add a new position or tweak some verbiage, we’ll do that for you. Once your job is closed, any revisions will constitute a new order. No job is complete until you are happy. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact support@alwaystypingco.com.

QUESTION 6: I’d like to apply for different jobs, will I get different versions based on the job links I provide?

Each of our packages includes 1 resume or 1 cover letter or 1 LinkedIn profile. Remember your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn documents are live documents that should be adapted for each job. Having a career target or at least an industry target adapting your resume will not be very difficult. However, if you want to target multiple industries with varying characteristics (hospitality would be vastly different than project management at a school district), you’ll need multiple and varied documents.

QUESTION 7: Is there a guarantee that I’ll get a job?

With all of the factors involved in securing a job offer, there is no way that we can guarantee you’ll get one. In fact, we venture to say that if someone does guarantee you a job offer, they either offer recruiting services or they’re new to writing resumes and need a gimmick. We assure that you’ll have a resume that will help you beat the bots. In fact, we’re so sure of it that we offer a resume scanner right on our home page.

QUESTION 8: Do you have any guarantees?

If you don’t see an increase in the number of interview requests you receive within 60 days, we will rewrite your resume for free. There’s no fine print on this guarantee. Just send an email to resumes@alwaystypingco.com to inform us of the lack of interviews, provide us any feedback you’ve received, and we’ll get started on the rewrite. 

Have other questions not covered on this page?

Give us a shout.

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Thank you!


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