Before and After Resume Samples Written for Real Clients

They say the proof is in the pudding and seeing is believing. Always Typing has helped hundreds of clients achieve career success through keyword-optimized resumes that just look good. Take a look at some of these before and after resume samples that were written for real clients.

Entry Level Resume Sample


This client was a recent graduate of a Master’s program from a university in Spain. Her goal was to acquire a job stateside that allowed her to draw from unique international experiences. Since she had just completed her Master’s degree and none of her work experience was directly related to her target career goals, we focused on things she’d accomplished during her school career. Then, in the Professional Experience section, we drew attention to some soft skills.

Chronological Resume Sample

  • Sample chronological resume page 1

This customer had spent time working in call centers and had been in the Navy. The resume he presented barely took up 3/4 of a page. It needed to be optimized with the right keywords and there needed to be the inclusion of some basic resume sections. Even though his military experience was more than 10 years ago, it was called out in its own section as the skills he obtained during his time were supremely relevant to his career goals.

Chronological Resume With Stacked Employment Sample

  • sample of a resume with stacked experiences

This customer had been a long-time and loyal employee of a major aeronautics firm. However, the time came for her to find a position somewhere else. In order to fully highlight her extensive career at one company, her resume was written with a technique called STACKING. This allows hiring managers to see, at a glance that she is not only loyal but is willing to take on new roles and responsibilities within a given company.

Federal Resume Sample

  • sample federal resume

This client wanted to apply for a clerical position within the federal government. Since she had such a diverse background and had experience with everything from property management to event planning, it was important to separate her skills and properly identify them so a hiring manager could see at a glance what she brings to the table.

Career Change Sample Resume

  • Sample career change resume

Hybrid (or Combination) Sample Resume

  • sample hybrid resume or combination resume

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Sample

This is all, of course, only a small sampling of the hundreds of new resumes written each year. All of the resumes Always Typing produces are guaranteed to get you past an Applicant Tracking System and impress a hiring manager to win an interview!