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Ban The Box

NOTE: This post IS NOT legal advice.

Ban The Box

I’ve seen a lot of questions posted lately about the requirements of disclosing a criminal background on a job application. As of 2016, half of the US, and I think part, if not all of the UK, has implemented a piece of legislation called “Ban The Box.” You can Google to see if your state participates.

My Advice

I will advise 2 things if you see the criminal background question on an application: 1. Pay close attention to the wording of the question. If it asks if you’ve been convicted in the last 7 year’s but you were convicted 8 years ago, you can check NO. 2. Be honest, they’re going to find out anyway. On the “explanation” line, remember KISS (keep it short & simple). Ok, I took a little creative license with that common acronym. This is the wording I’d recommend, “8 years ago, I was convicted of *blank*. I’d love the opportunity to sit and discuss with you what I learned from that mistake and how what I can utilize those learned skills to benefit your company.”