Ace Your Telephone Interview

Ace Your Telephone Interview

Many companies are choosing to do telephone interviews as their first line of defense in weeding out job candidates.

How do you ace a phone interview?

We’re taught that we have to dress the part, do some research, possibly even try to find the interviewer on LinkedIn, and read up on that person before an in-person interview. Let me tell you, it is exactly the same for a telephone interview.

Dress professionally

When you dress professionally, you not only project a great outer appearance but you also feel more confident and will project that confidence through your speech. You should also find a position to sit that will force you to sit up straight or stand. Lying on the couch or reclined in the recliner will cause you to be more relaxed and your speech patterns may make you come across as lackadaisical.


What do you know about the company? Try to find out what they’re doing that’s new. If you can’t find anything new, then be prepared to talk about things they’ve been doing for years. While it may feel like stalking, try to find the name of the recruiter or hiring manager that will be interviewing you. They’re likely to tell you when they make the appointment. Look that person up on LinkedIn. You will find out how long they’ve been at the company and you may see something that will help you break the ice. It’s also a great idea to know whether they show any religious or political affiliations. You don’t want to say something that might go against their personal beliefs. Also, go on or a similar site to research how much money people in the position for which you’re interviewing make.


You should be prepared to answer the same questions over the phone that you would in a face-to-face interview. Have your resume with you so you can quickly refer to it if you forget a detail. Also, try to anticipate the questions that will be asked and jot down some notes on a notepad with how you’d answer.

How will you prepare for your interview?