6 ways your resume screams “I’m Unprofessional”

6 ways your resume screams “I’m Unprofessional”

Your resume is meant to be a targeted marketing document that is customized towards a particular career or job goals. On top of that, it should show some personality. Think of it like this, hiring managers review hundreds of resumes for each job opening they post. In fact, a company can average about 250 resumes per job listing. Always Typing is of the firm belief that your resume should grow legs, jump up on the hiring manager’s desk, and shout, “Hey look at me, I’m the best!” But, while you’re crafting a document that reflects your personality and touts you as the best, you also want to avoid these 6 ways your resume scream “I’m Unprofessional.”

1. Your Contact Section

It starts in the CONTACT section. What does your email say about you? Is it a professional email address? sassypants@email.com just won’t cut it. The best idea is to use some form of your name. If you’re paranoid about having your name in your email address, then you can use some form of the type of position you seek, like adminprof@email.com.

2. Spelling and Grammar

It would seem to go without saying that you should check for spelling and grammar errors in all of your career documents. However, there are a lot of resumes floating around out there with really bad typos. The best thing to do is have a friend proofread it. Your brain will read the words as you intended to type them, not necessarily as you actually typed them. Make sure the friend you have proofreading for you is one of those brutally honest types.

3. Heaving Formatting and Graphics

Graphics, photographs, and heavy formatting will throw funky characters onto your resume when an ATS scan reads it. Those funky characters could cause your resume to be passed over…leaving it to wither and die in the emptiness of the resume black hole. Always Typing recommends that you use the heavily formatted resume for times you’re going to hand it directly to a human being. If you’re applying online, use one that is formatted for ATS scans.

4. Lazy and Filler Words

Do you see words like “etc” on your resume? Delete them immediately. If you can’t take the time to put together a resume that is going to sell you to the employer, then why should the employer take the time to talk to you about employment.

5. Specificity

OK, so you’ve had three jobs in the last 10 years and you’ve listed every detail of everything you’ve done during your tenure at those jobs. That makes you a Jack (or Jackie) of all Trades, but a MASTER of NOTHING. You have to be specific to the job for which you’re applying. What value do you bring that employer for that job?

6. Voicemail

Well, this one actually has nothing to do with your resume, but do you have the voicemail set up on your phone? What does it sound like?

The investment of time and, yes, money into the composition of your resume is definitely worth it. Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are the keys to your financial stability through steady, earned income. Make sure you’re taking the time to get it right or hire a professional resume writer to do it for you.