10 Years’ Experience

10 Years’ Experience

“But you left (*NAME OF COMPANY*) off of my resume!

I hear this A LOT! A good resume has 10 years’ experience represented (15, at the most!). On the whole, hiring managers will STOP READING once they get to listings that go further back than 10 years.

Why do they do this?

Think about your personal life 10 years ago. Is ANYTHING the same? The things you know are the same. But, if you take an inventory, you’ll notice that you do almost EVERYTHING differently. The same is true in your professional life. Things you did 10-15 years ago are done differently now. So, you were a mortgage underwriter 15 years ago. The only thing that’s important about that is you know some of the processes for risk assessment and credit verifications. But the laws are different, tax credits are different, technology is different.

Does that mean the old experience is unusable?

Absolutely not! I advise my customers to use achievement-based points from those older experiences as talking points in the interview. “I understand that the mortgage industry runs completely different than it did 15 years ago, but during that time I was able to increase client portfolios by $?? over ##? period of time.” That would still be relevant today.

Keep in mind!

Your resume IS NOT meant to chronicle your professional life’s events. It is a targeted marketing document geared towards a specific job.